Match Report for Hideaki Ueda (American Backgammon Tour)

Hideaki Ueda

Member of WBGF

Hideaki Ueda started playing backgammon at the end of 2016. He has been playing and discussing with the top players in Japan, including Mochy and Michy, in local tournaments in Tokyo and Osaka. In only two years, he became a BMAB Grandmaster (G2), which made him the youngest Grandmaster in Japan at that time. He won one of the biggest titles in Japan, "Bansei" in 2019, and won the Super Jackpot at the Japan Open 2019, both at his first attempt. Hideaki has been expanding his backgammon activities, including participating in tournaments outside of Japan and authoring the 2019 backgammon proficiency test. Hideaki plays as "takadaleft" on GridGammon and BackgammonGalaxy.

Additional player info
Nationality: Japan
BMAB Title:Grandmaster G0
Heroes nickname:
Galaxy nickname:

No match results recorded.

▼ Tournaments

Final dateClubNameEventRankWR points
2020-02-09Backgammon GibraltarGibraltar Championships 2020Championship - Main490.0000
2020-02-09Backgammon GibraltarGibraltar Championships 2020Super Jackpot - Main10.0000
2020-02-07Backgammon GalaxyUBC (Ultimate Backgammon Challenge)Championship - Main10.0000
2019-11-10WBFTRNC Merit Open 2019Championship - Main1930.0000
2019-11-10WBFTRNC Merit Open 2019Championship - Last Chance1280.0000
2019-11-10WBFTRNC Merit Open 2019Super Jackpot 290.0000
2019-08-04IPATTWorld Championships (Monte Carlo) 2019Championship - Main130.0000
2019-08-04IPATTWorld Championships (Monte Carlo) 2019Championship - Consolation330.0000
2019-08-04IPATTWorld Championships (Monte Carlo) 2019Championship - Last Chance330.0000
2019-08-04IPATTWorld Championships (Monte Carlo) 2019Super Jackpot - Main330.0000
2019-07-29IPATTMonte Carlo Open 2019Championship - Main170.0000
2019-07-29IPATTMonte Carlo Open 2019Championship - Consolation90.0000
2019-07-27IPATTMonte Carlo warm-upChampionship - Main170.0000
2019-07-27IPATTMonte Carlo warm-upChampionship - Consolation170.0000
2019-06-09American Backgammon TourLos Angeles Open Backgammon TournamentChampionship - Main250.0000
2019-06-09American Backgammon TourLos Angeles Open Backgammon TournamentChampionship - Consolation20.0000
2019-06-09American Backgammon TourLos Angeles Open Backgammon TournamentSuper Jackpot - Main260.0000
2019-05-27American Backgammon TourChicago Open 2019Championship - Main440.0000
2019-05-27American Backgammon TourChicago Open 2019Super Jackpot - Main170.0000
2019-04-21DBgFNordic Open 2019Championship - Main970.0000
2019-04-21DBgFNordic Open 2019Super Jackpot - Main20.0000
2019-04-14WBF2019 Merit Open Montenegro Grand PrixChampionship - Main650.0000
2019-04-14WBF2019 Merit Open Montenegro Grand PrixChampionship - Last Chance650.0000
2019-04-14WBF2019 Merit Open Montenegro Grand PrixSuper Jackpot 230.0000
2019-04-10WBGFWBGF Team Championship 2019Championship - Main680.0000