Match Report for Frank Simon (Backgammon Deutschland)

Frank Simon

Member of WBGF

Frank Simon, born in 1965, played his first chouette in Thailand in 2004. After winning a satellite tournament, he finished his first international tournament, the Thailand Open, as Runner-Up. Later in the same year, he reached the final in the 16th European Backgammon Championship 2004.

After taking a break, he started playing international tournaments again in 2010 reaching the Quarter Final when playing the Nordic Open for the first time. In 2011 he won the Super-Jackpot in Cyprus in the European Pro Backgammon Championships, was Runner-Up in the 2nd Consolation in Monte Carlo and won the Super-Jackpot in the Buki Memorial Georgian Open. In 2012, Frank won the Thailand Open, and was Runner-Up in the German Backgammon Masters and the European Championship in Velden. In 2015, he was Runner-Up in the German Backgammon-Masters. His online successes include first places in the EBIF Three Lives Open, EBIF Open, EBIF European Cup 2014 and the USBGF Masters Divisional VII.

He has often been the leader of the German Elo-ranking list, and currently he is starting out as a backgammon teacher. His GridGammon nickname is pattayastyle.

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Nationality: Germany
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▼ Tournaments

Final dateClubNameEventRankWR points
2023-05-29Backgammon Deutschland15. International German ChampionshipChampionship - Main971.0234
2023-05-29Backgammon Deutschland15. International German ChampionshipChampionship - Last Chance333.1404
2023-05-29Backgammon Deutschland15. International German ChampionshipSuper Jackpot - Main517.1030
2022-11-13WBFTRNC Merit Open 2022Championship - Main8120.7564
2022-11-13WBFTRNC Merit Open 2022Championship - Last Chance1291.4984
2022-11-13WBFTRNC Merit Open 2022Super Jackpot 3176.4223
2022-08-28Backgammon Deutschland10. Lions-CupChampionship - Main932.4760
2022-08-28Backgammon Deutschland10. Lions-CupChampionship - Consolation99.5378
2022-08-28Backgammon Deutschland10. Lions-CupChampionship - Last Chance134.2532
2022-08-28Backgammon Deutschland10. Lions-CupSuper Jackpot - Main512.0521
2022-04-10CNB ItalyWBGF Individual Championship 2022 VeniceChampionship - Main1733.3062
2021-11-09WBFTRNC Merit Open 2021Championship - Main4113.9878
2021-10-24Backgammon Deutschland13. International German ChampionshipChampionship - Main2112.6630
2021-10-24Backgammon Deutschland13. International German ChampionshipSuper Jackpot - Main93.8275
2021-09-05WBGFWBGF Individual Championship 2021 TrierChampionship - Main619.4075
2019-03-04Tobias HellwagPorta Nigra InvitationalChampionship - Main480.0000
2018-07-22Backgammon DeutschlandLions Cup, The 6ThChampionship - Main90.0000
2018-07-22Backgammon DeutschlandLions Cup, The 6ThChampionship - Last Chance90.0000
2018-07-22Backgammon DeutschlandLions Cup, The 6ThSuper Jackpot - Main50.0000
2018-05-21Witt/SonnabendGerman Backgammon ChampionshipChampionship - Main490.0000
2018-05-21Witt/SonnabendGerman Backgammon ChampionshipChampionship - Last Chance650.0000
2018-05-21Witt/SonnabendGerman Backgammon ChampionshipSuper Jackpot 290.0000