Match Report for Paulus Van Rooijen (CNB Italy)

Paulus Van Rooijen

Member of WBGF

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Additional player info
Nationality: Netherlands
BMAB Title:Master M2
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No match results recorded.

▼ Tournaments

Final dateClubNameEventRankWR points
2024-02-11CNB Italy8° RICCIONE D'INVERNOChampionship - Main278.7704
2023-10-29CNB Italy17th Milano Open 2022Championship - Main2112.1317
2023-10-01CNB Italy23rd Città di Jesolo 2023Championship - Main3310.6034
2023-08-23WBFWBGF Team Championship Skopje 2023Championship - Main1567.5265
2023-06-11CNB Italy2nd Torneo Città di MontegrottoChampionship - Main717.3929
2023-05-14CNB Italy1st Salsomaggiore BG TrophyChampionship - Main1311.6389
2023-03-26CNB Italy30th Città di Torino 2023Championship - Main336.4813
2023-02-26CNB Italy7th Rimini Open Tournament 2023Championship - Main256.5366
2022-12-10CNB Italy Italian Championship 2022 PlayoffsChampionship - Main136.6891
2022-10-22CNB Italy17th Milano Open 2022Championship - Main517.2728
2022-10-02CNB Italy22nd Città di Jesolo 2022Championship - Main494.9577
2022-06-05CNB Italy12th Cavalese Open Tournament 2022Championship - Main125.2306
2022-05-15CNB Italy6th Rimini Open Tournament 2022Championship - Main314.0340
2022-04-10CNB ItalyWBGF Individual Championship 2022 VeniceChampionship - Main1030.1466
2022-03-06CNB Italy29th Città di Torino 2022Championship - Main320.2082
2021-09-05WBGFWBGF Individual Championship 2021 TrierChampionship - Main1212.2770
2021-08-28Backgammon Deutschland9. Lions-CupChampionship - Main174.1462
2021-08-28Backgammon Deutschland9. Lions-CupChampionship - Consolation35.2785
2021-08-28Backgammon Deutschland9. Lions-CupChampionship - Last Chance32.7763
2019-09-27CNB Italy11th Citta' I Cavalese 2019-20Championship - Main170.0000
2019-04-14WBF2019 Merit Open Montenegro Grand PrixChampionship - Main370.0000
2019-04-14WBF2019 Merit Open Montenegro Grand PrixChampionship - Last Chance650.0000
2018-03-25WBF2018 Merit Open Montenegro Grand PrixChampionship - Main330.0000
2018-03-25WBF2018 Merit Open Montenegro Grand PrixChampionship - Last Chance330.0000