Match Report for Julie Thabault (FFBG)

Julie Thabault

Member of WBGF

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Nationality: France
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No match results recorded.

▼ Tournaments

Final dateClubNameEventRankWR points
2023-10-29FFBG25 th french championshipChampionship - Main814.6061
2023-10-29FFBG25 th french championshipChampionship - Consolation521.9875
2023-08-27WBF4th Skopje Open Backgammon ChampionshipIntermediate - Main1013.6884
2021-10-31FFBGFRENCH CHAMPIONSHIP 2021Championship - Main95.8200
2021-10-31FFBGFRENCH CHAMPIONSHIP 2021Championship - Consolation171.1990
2021-09-26FFBGHSBT BROCELIANDE 2021Championship - Main90.7180
2019-06-30FFBGHSBT La Baule 2019Championship - Main530.0000
2019-06-30FFBGHSBT La Baule 2019Championship - Consolation50.0000
2019-05-12CNB ItalyHSBT la Rochelle 2019Championship - Main30.0000
2018-09-30FFBGHSBT Broceliande 2018Championship - Main30.0000
2018-06-17FFBGHSBT La Baule 2018Championship - Main330.0000
2018-06-17FFBGHSBT La Baule 2018Championship - Consolation10.0000
2018-05-27FFBGHSBT La Rochelle 2018Championship - Main330.0000
2018-05-27FFBGHSBT La Rochelle 2018Championship - Consolation90.0000