Match Report for Martin-Frederic Kahn (FFBG)

Martin-Frederic Kahn

Member of WBGF

Martin-Frédéric KAHN, aka « Gambitcello », was born in Paris in 1979.
He started to bring his chessboard in the Luxembourg garden when he was 12 years old, then
started to learn backgammon around 17 the only true way : play in a chouette, spot the best
player, observe, debate, compare, pay at first...and then get paid!
From his perspective, backgammon is by essence a sweet mix between the intellectual joy to
study, improve, extricate the ideas of the game, and on the other side the pleasure to
monetize, bring down to reality his knowledge!
His other passion is playing...the cello in an orchestra.
2013 - Cannes winter cup: Doubles Finalist
2014 - World Championship Monte-Carlo: Super Jackpot Winner
2015 - Portugese Open: Last chance Winner
2016 - Portugese open: Doubles Winner
Gibraltar open: Semi-finalist
2018 - Championship of France: Speedgammon Winner
Gibraltar Open Finalist
2019 - World Championship Monte-Carlo: Superjackpot Finalist / Last chance Winner
2021 - Online French Championship: French Champion!
World Team Championship Trier: France 3rd place / Doubles Winner
2022 - French Championship: Doubles Winner
Online French Championship: French Champion !!

Additional player info
Nationality: France
BMAB Title:
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▼ Tournaments

Final dateClubNameEventRankWR points
2022-11-13WBFTRNC Merit Open 2022Championship - Main4929.8844
2022-11-13WBFTRNC Merit Open 2022Championship - Last Chance334.2183
2022-11-13WBFTRNC Merit Open 2022Super Jackpot 3517.4899
2022-10-30FFBGFrench National Championship 2022Championship - Main916.3294
2022-10-30FFBGFrench National Championship 2022Championship - Consolation139.3365
2022-07-31Backgammon GalaxyBackgammon World Championship 2022Championship - Main12911.4178
2022-07-31Backgammon GalaxyBackgammon World Championship 2022Championship - Last Chance175.4316
2022-07-31Backgammon GalaxyBackgammon World Championship 2022Super Jackpot - Main96.1700
2022-07-31Backgammon GalaxyBackgammon World Championship 2022Super Jackpot 2523.9964
2022-06-19FFBG1 st Beaulieu International ChallengeChampionship - Main2915.8686
2022-06-19FFBG1 st Beaulieu International ChallengeChampionship - Last Chance94.2740
2022-06-19FFBG1 st Beaulieu International ChallengeSuper Jackpot - Main514.5881
2022-04-10CNB ItalyWBGF Individual Championship 2022 VeniceChampionship - Main2922.2050
2022-04-06CNB ItalyWBGF Team Championship 2022 VeniceChampionship - Main944.0608
2021-10-31FFBGFRENCH CHAMPIONSHIP 2021Championship - Main542.5868
2021-10-31FFBGFRENCH CHAMPIONSHIP 2021Championship - Consolation331.2414
2021-09-05WBGFWBGF Individual Championship 2021 TrierChampionship - Main2717.3695
2021-09-01WBGFWBGF Team Championship 2021 TrierChampionship - Main159.9946
2021-08-01IPATTWORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2021Championship - Main655.6455
2021-08-01IPATTWORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2021Championship - Consolation292.8043
2021-08-01IPATTWORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2021Championship - Last Chance331.2474
2021-08-01IPATTWORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2021Super Jackpot - Main173.0227
2020-01-12WBGF2020 WBGF Individual World ChampionshipsChampionship - Main130.0000
2020-01-12WBGF2020 WBGF Individual World ChampionshipsChampionship - Last Chance50.0000
2020-01-12WBGF2020 WBGF Individual World ChampionshipsSuper Jackpot - Main210.0000
2019-10-28FFBGFrench Championship 2019Championship - Main90.0000
2019-10-28FFBGFrench Championship 2019Championship - Consolation170.0000
2019-10-21FFBGParis Backgammon Open 1 (2019)Championship - Main90.0000
2019-10-21FFBGParis Backgammon Open 1 (2019)Championship - Consolation90.0000
2019-08-04IPATTWorld Championships (Monte Carlo) 2019Championship - Main90.0000
2019-08-04IPATTWorld Championships (Monte Carlo) 2019Championship - Consolation90.0000
2019-08-04IPATTWorld Championships (Monte Carlo) 2019Championship - Last Chance10.0000
2019-08-04IPATTWorld Championships (Monte Carlo) 2019Super Jackpot - Main20.0000
2019-06-10Backgammon DeutschlandGerman Open ChampionshipsChampionship - Main490.0000
2019-06-10Backgammon DeutschlandGerman Open ChampionshipsChampionship - Last Chance650.0000
2019-06-10Backgammon DeutschlandGerman Open ChampionshipsSuper Jackpot - Main170.0000
2019-05-05CNB Italy19th Citta di JesoloChampionship - Main210.0000
2019-05-05CNB Italy19th Citta di JesoloSuper Jackpot - Main90.0000
2019-04-21DBgFNordic Open 2019Championship - Main90.0000
2019-04-21DBgFNordic Open 2019Super Jackpot 250.0000
2019-02-10Backgammon GibraltarGibraltar Championships 2019Championship - Main290.0000
2019-02-10Backgammon GibraltarGibraltar Championships 2019Championship - Consolation50.0000
2018-11-28FFBG2018 French ChampionshipsChampionship - Main170.0000
2018-11-28FFBG2018 French ChampionshipsChampionship - Consolation170.0000
2018-09-23CNB Italy14th Roma Open 2018Championship - Main210.0000
2018-05-21Witt/SonnabendGerman Backgammon ChampionshipChampionship - Main20.0000
2018-02-11Backgammon GibraltarGibraltar Championships 2018Championship - Main900.0000
2018-02-11Backgammon GibraltarGibraltar Championships 2018Championship - Consolation650.0000
2018-02-11Backgammon GibraltarGibraltar Championships 2018Super Jackpot - Main170.0000