Russian Sport Backgammon Federation Tournament: Russian Championship of Backgammon 2018 (The 8th)

Event details
Tournament division:Super Jackpot - Main
Tournament date:2018-06-10
Entry fee:¤ 0.00
Added money:¤ 0.00
Relevance:0.00% (1227 days old)
RankNameNationalityBMAB TitlePerformance PointsWR points
1Nodar Gagua Georgia17.89550.0000
2Vasily Chemokhonenko Russian Federation10.22600.0000
3Sergey Petukhov Russian FederationMaster M16.69340.0000
=Yakov Kudrin Russian FederationAdvanced A26.69340.0000
5Alexey Askurava Russian FederationMaster M34.18440.0000
=Mikayel Vardanyan Russian FederationGrandmaster G24.18440.0000
=Ruben Gradnikov Russian Federation4.18440.0000
=Sergey Alenin Russian Federation4.18440.0000
9Airat Fatykhov Russian Federation2.55170.0000
=Boris Mamporia Russian Federation2.55170.0000
=Elkhan Ataev Russian Federation2.55170.0000
=Mikhail Sergeev Russian Federation2.55170.0000
=Radjen Tsekvava Russian Federation2.55170.0000
=Tamerlan Kutchiev Russian Federation2.55170.0000
=Timur Azizov Russian Federation2.55170.0000
=Tsaruk Manukyan Armenia2.55170.0000

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