Match Report for Fernando Braconi (WBF)

Fernando Braconi

Member of WBGF

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Additional player info
Nationality: Italy
BMAB Title:Master M1
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No match results recorded.

▼ Tournaments

Final dateClubNameEventRankWR points
2024-02-11CNB Italy8° RICCIONE D'INVERNOChampionship - Main1713.3468
2024-02-11CNB Italy8° RICCIONE D'INVERNOChampionship - Consolation154.7076
2023-12-10American Backgammon Tour46th California State Backgammon Championship 2023Championship - Main1316.9049
2023-12-10American Backgammon Tour46th California State Backgammon Championship 2023Super Jackpot - Main1111.1399
2023-12-02CNB ItalyItalian Championship 2023 PlayoffsChampionship - Main247.6324
2023-10-29CNB Italy17th Milano Open 2022Championship - Main1152.1923
2023-10-01CNB Italy23rd Città di Jesolo 2023Championship - Main2114.6645
2023-08-23WBFWBGF Team Championship Skopje 2023Championship - Main13114.5031
2023-07-30Backgammon GalaxyBackgammon World Championship 2023Championship - Main1755.7205
2023-07-30Backgammon GalaxyBackgammon World Championship 2023Championship - Last Chance333.5994
2023-06-11CNB Italy2nd Torneo Città di MontegrottoChampionship - Main192.3052
2023-04-02WBF2023 Merit Open Montenegro Grand PrixChampionship - Main677.2972
2023-03-12WBF1st Loutraki Grand PrixChampionship - Main1727.2667
2023-03-12WBF1st Loutraki Grand PrixChampionship - Last Chance312.9562
2023-03-12WBF1st Loutraki Grand PrixSuper Jackpot - Main255.1228
2023-02-26CNB Italy7th Rimini Open Tournament 2023Championship - Main1310.0752
2023-02-05WBF6th Gibraltar Backgammon ChampionshipChampionship - Main4912.8852
2023-02-05WBF6th Gibraltar Backgammon ChampionshipChampionship - Last Chance331.8584
2023-02-05WBF6th Gibraltar Backgammon ChampionshipSuper Jackpot - Main98.4626
2022-09-10CNB Italy16th Roma OpenChampionship - Main315.1468
2022-07-31Backgammon GalaxyBackgammon World Championship 2022Championship - Main3151.7813
2022-06-19FFBG1 st Beaulieu International ChallengeChampionship - Main497.5138
2022-06-19FFBG1 st Beaulieu International ChallengeChampionship - Last Chance331.0180
2022-06-19FFBG1 st Beaulieu International ChallengeSuper Jackpot - Main173.4214
2022-05-15CNB Italy6th Rimini Open Tournament 2022Championship - Main314.0525
2022-04-10CNB ItalyWBGF Individual Championship 2022 VeniceChampionship - Main816.2785
2022-04-10CNB ItalyVenice Open 2022Championship - Main332.4425
2022-04-10CNB ItalyVenice Open 2022Championship - Consolation291.0167
2022-04-06CNB ItalyWBGF Team Championship 2022 VeniceChampionship - Main132.1866
2021-11-09WBFTRNC Merit Open 2021Championship - Main1133.8741
2021-11-09WBFTRNC Merit Open 2021Championship - Last Chance1290.4097
2021-11-09WBFTRNC Merit Open 2021Super Jackpot 254.9351
2021-09-26CNB Italy21st Città di Jesolo 2021Championship - Main331.9489
2021-09-05WBGFWBGF Individual Championship 2021 TrierChampionship - Main425.0977
2021-09-01WBGFWBGF Team Championship 2021 TrierChampionship - Main1200.9425
2019-11-30CNB Italy15th Roma OpenChampionship - Main250.0000
2018-01-14CNB Italy6th Venice OpenChampionship - Main130.0000