Match Report for Hans Marius Eikseth (WBF)

Hans Marius Eikseth

Member of WBGF

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Additional player info
Nationality: Norway
BMAB Title:Grandmaster G3
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No match results recorded.

▼ Tournaments

Final dateClubNameEventRankWR points
2023-08-27WBF4th Skopje Open Backgammon ChampionshipChampionship - Main4916.2009
2023-08-27WBF4th Skopje Open Backgammon ChampionshipChampionship - Last Chance651.4488
2023-08-27WBF4th Skopje Open Backgammon ChampionshipSuper Jackpot - Main176.5528
2023-08-23WBFWBGF Team Championship Skopje 2023Championship - Main5527.4071
2022-11-13WBFTRNC Merit Open 2022Championship - Main12910.4427
2022-11-13WBFTRNC Merit Open 2022Championship - Last Chance2570.7284
2022-11-13WBFTRNC Merit Open 2022Super Jackpot 4229.7655
2022-04-10CNB ItalyVenice Open 2022Championship - Main96.7452
2022-04-10CNB ItalyWBGF Individual Championship 2022 VeniceChampionship - Main498.9946
2022-04-10CNB ItalyVenice Open 2022Championship - Consolation92.2998
2022-04-06CNB ItalyWBGF Team Championship 2022 VeniceChampionship - Main762.9162
2019-10-19NBGFNorwegian Championships 2019Championship - Main170.0000
2019-08-17NBGFStavanger Bymesterskap 2019Championship - Main30.0000
2019-04-14WBF2019 Merit Open Montenegro Grand PrixChampionship - Main370.0000
2019-04-14WBF2019 Merit Open Montenegro Grand PrixChampionship - Last Chance170.0000
2019-04-10WBGFWBGF Team Championship 2019Championship - Main470.0000
2019-01-26NBGFMestermoetetChampionship - Main50.0000
2019-01-26NBGFMestermoetetChampionship - Consolation50.0000
2018-08-18NBGFStavanger Bymesterskap 2018Championship - Main100.0000
2018-06-16NBGFNorgesmesterskapet 2018Championship - Main250.0000