Match Report for Marcus Reinhard (WBF)

Marcus Reinhard

Member of WBGF

Hi Friends ,
It is nice to be important but ist more important to be nice.
After Chess Bridge and other mind Sport Games I switch to Backgammon.
Now i was trapped in this cool game and i love it.
Backgammon is a special kind of lifestyle.
Lets enjoy the game together.
Watch my webside
or taste this song

Additional player info
Nationality: Germany
BMAB Title:Master M1
Heroes nickname:
Galaxy nickname:

No match results recorded.

▼ Tournaments

Final dateClubNameEventRankWR points
2023-04-02WBF2023 Merit Open Montenegro Grand PrixChampionship - Main8115.5296
2023-04-02WBF2023 Merit Open Montenegro Grand PrixChampionship - Last Chance332.9517
2023-04-02WBF2023 Merit Open Montenegro Grand PrixSuper Jackpot - Main177.4443
2022-11-13WBFTRNC Merit Open 2022Championship - Main12915.0124
2022-11-13WBFTRNC Merit Open 2022Championship - Last Chance334.2230
2022-11-13WBFTRNC Merit Open 2022Super Jackpot 2176.4295
2022-08-28Backgammon Deutschland10. Lions-CupChampionship - Main3311.7157
2022-08-28Backgammon Deutschland10. Lions-CupChampionship - Consolation238.2706
2022-08-28Backgammon Deutschland10. Lions-CupSuper Jackpot - Main151.6073
2022-06-06Backgammon Deutschland14. International German ChampionshipChampionship - Main6512.3578
2022-06-06Backgammon Deutschland14. International German ChampionshipSuper Jackpot - Main224.5974
2022-04-06CNB ItalyWBGF Team Championship 2022 VeniceChampionship - Main944.0669
2021-11-09WBFTRNC Merit Open 2021Championship - Main6512.0916
2021-11-09WBFTRNC Merit Open 2021Championship - Last Chance1290.8488
2021-11-09WBFTRNC Merit Open 2021Super Jackpot - Main173.7548
2021-10-24Backgammon Deutschland13. International German ChampionshipChampionship - Main928.1688
2021-10-24Backgammon Deutschland13. International German ChampionshipChampionship - Last Chance38.8209
2021-10-24Backgammon Deutschland13. International German ChampionshipSuper Jackpot - Main93.8351
2021-09-05WBGFWBGF Individual Championship 2021 TrierChampionship - Main1096.0963
2021-09-01WBGFWBGF Team Championship 2021 TrierChampionship - Main474.5181
2021-08-28Backgammon Deutschland9. Lions-CupChampionship - Main528.7127
2021-08-28Backgammon Deutschland9. Lions-CupChampionship - Consolation58.3912
2021-08-28Backgammon Deutschland9. Lions-CupChampionship - Last Chance37.0598
2021-08-28Backgammon Deutschland9. Lions-CupSuper Jackpot - Main55.2707
2020-02-09Backgammon GibraltarGibraltar Championships 2020Championship - Main90.0000
2020-02-09Backgammon GibraltarGibraltar Championships 2020Super Jackpot - Main170.0000
2020-01-12WBGFWBGF Team Championship 2020Championship - Main190.0000
2020-01-12WBGF2020 WBGF Individual World ChampionshipsChampionship - Main810.0000
2020-01-12WBGF2020 WBGF Individual World ChampionshipsChampionship - Last Chance330.0000
2020-01-12WBGF2020 WBGF Individual World ChampionshipsSuper Jackpot - Main90.0000
2019-09-01Backgammon DeutschlandLions CupChampionship - Main420.0000
2019-09-01Backgammon DeutschlandLions CupChampionship - Last Chance170.0000
2019-09-01Backgammon DeutschlandLions CupSuper Jackpot - Main30.0000
2019-08-04IPATTWorld Championships (Monte Carlo) 2019Championship - Main1130.0000
2019-08-04IPATTWorld Championships (Monte Carlo) 2019Championship - Consolation1090.0000
2019-08-04IPATTWorld Championships (Monte Carlo) 2019Championship - Last Chance1290.0000
2019-08-04IPATTWorld Championships (Monte Carlo) 2019Super Jackpot - Main330.0000
2019-06-10Backgammon DeutschlandGerman Open ChampionshipsChampionship - Main880.0000
2019-06-10Backgammon DeutschlandGerman Open ChampionshipsChampionship - Last Chance330.0000
2019-06-10Backgammon DeutschlandGerman Open ChampionshipsSuper Jackpot - Main330.0000
2019-03-04Tobias HellwagPorta Nigra InvitationalChampionship - Main470.0000
2018-07-22Backgammon DeutschlandLions Cup, The 6ThChampionship - Main250.0000
2018-07-22Backgammon DeutschlandLions Cup, The 6ThChampionship - Consolation20.0000
2018-05-21Witt/SonnabendGerman Backgammon ChampionshipChampionship - Main170.0000
2018-05-21Witt/SonnabendGerman Backgammon ChampionshipChampionship - Last Chance650.0000
2018-05-21Witt/SonnabendGerman Backgammon ChampionshipSuper Jackpot - Main170.0000