Match Report for Stephane Cheneviere (WBF)

Stephane Cheneviere

Member of WBGF

Stéphane Chenevière was born on 09/22/1979 in La Rochelle, France.

Gamer at heart and passionate about mathematics (associate professor at Jean Dautet high school in La Rochelle), he took a serious interest in backgammon in the early 2010s. In 2016, he reached the final of the French championship. He joined the French team in stride and won two bronze medals at the team world championships in 2020 in Forges-les-Eaux and in 2021 in Trier.

Individually, he won the super-jackpot in 2019 at the WBGF in Montenegro and the individual title WBGF in Trier in 2021. He has been working on the development of the game in France for several years with a Youtube channel and in 2021, he became president of the French backgammon federation.

Additional player info
Nationality: France
BMAB Title:Master M1
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▼ Tournaments

Final dateClubNameEventRankWR points
2022-10-30FFBGFrench National Championship 2022Championship - Main814.0217
2022-07-31Backgammon GalaxyBackgammon World Championship 2022Championship - Main2939.2635
2022-07-31Backgammon GalaxyBackgammon World Championship 2022Championship - Last Chance652.2662
2022-06-19FFBG1 st Beaulieu International ChallengeChampionship - Main1042.4682
2022-06-19FFBG1 st Beaulieu International ChallengeChampionship - Last Chance331.8785
2022-06-19FFBG1 st Beaulieu International ChallengeSuper Jackpot - Main517.1938
2021-10-31FFBGFRENCH CHAMPIONSHIP 2021Championship - Main177.5718
2021-10-31FFBGFRENCH CHAMPIONSHIP 2021Championship - Consolation93.8851
2021-09-26FFBGHSBT BROCELIANDE 2021Championship - Main33.8890
2021-09-19FFBGMasters FFBG 2021Championship - Main36.4040
2021-09-05WBGFWBGF Individual Championship 2021 TrierChampionship - Main1288.2278
2021-09-01WBGFWBGF Team Championship 2021 TrierChampionship - Main1512.9395
2021-08-01IPATTWORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2021Championship - Main2117.1886
2021-08-01IPATTWORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2021Championship - Consolation293.6920
2021-08-01IPATTWORLD CHAMPIONSHIP 2021Championship - Last Chance331.6422
2020-01-12WBGFWBGF Team Championship 2020Championship - Main120.0000
2020-01-12WBGF2020 WBGF Individual World ChampionshipsChampionship - Main570.0000
2020-01-12WBGF2020 WBGF Individual World ChampionshipsChampionship - Last Chance330.0000
2020-01-12WBGF2020 WBGF Individual World ChampionshipsSuper Jackpot - Main130.0000
2019-11-10FFBGHSBT Saint Jean de Luz 2019 BisChampionship - Main50.0000
2019-10-28FFBGFrench Championship 2019Championship - Main740.0000
2019-10-28FFBGFrench Championship 2019Championship - Consolation620.0000
2019-10-13FFBGMasters 2019 (France)Championship - Main20.0000
2019-09-29FFBGHSBT Broceliande 2019Championship - Main10.0000
2019-08-04IPATTWorld Championships (Monte Carlo) 2019Championship - Main210.0000
2019-08-04IPATTWorld Championships (Monte Carlo) 2019Championship - Consolation610.0000
2019-08-04IPATTWorld Championships (Monte Carlo) 2019Championship - Last Chance650.0000
2019-06-30FFBGHSBT La Baule 2019Championship - Main330.0000
2019-06-30FFBGHSBT La Baule 2019Championship - Consolation90.0000
2019-06-02FFBGHsbt Saint Jean De Luz 2019Championship - Main90.0000
2019-06-02FFBGHsbt Saint Jean De Luz 2019Championship - Consolation30.0000
2019-05-12CNB ItalyHSBT la Rochelle 2019Championship - Main50.0000
2019-04-21DBgFNordic Open 2019Championship - Main650.0000
2019-04-14WBF2019 Merit Open Montenegro Grand PrixChampionship - Main90.0000
2019-04-14WBF2019 Merit Open Montenegro Grand PrixSuper Jackpot 210.0000
2019-03-31FFBGHSBT Billom 2019Championship - Main50.0000
2018-12-09FFBG2018 Masters FranceChampionship - Main140.0000
2018-11-28FFBG2018 French ChampionshipsChampionship - Main220.0000
2018-11-28FFBG2018 French ChampionshipsChampionship - Consolation170.0000
2018-11-04WBFTRNC Merit Open 2018Championship - Main130.0000
2018-09-30FFBGHSBT Broceliande 2018Championship - Main280.0000
2018-09-30FFBGHSBT Broceliande 2018Championship - Consolation30.0000
2018-08-05IPATTWorld Championships (Monte Carlo) 2018Championship - Main650.0000
2018-08-05IPATTWorld Championships (Monte Carlo) 2018Championship - Consolation610.0000
2018-08-05IPATTWorld Championships (Monte Carlo) 2018Championship - Last Chance1280.0000
2018-07-15WBGFWBGF Team Championship 2018Championship - Main610.0000
2018-07-15WBGFWorld championships (WBgF individual)Championship - Main650.0000
2018-06-17FFBGHSBT La Baule 2018Championship - Main90.0000
2018-04-29FFBGHSBT Bordeaux 2018Championship - Main100.0000
2018-04-08FFBGHSBT Billom 2018Championship - Main50.0000
2018-02-11Backgammon GibraltarGibraltar Championships 2018Championship - Main520.0000
2018-02-11Backgammon GibraltarGibraltar Championships 2018Championship - Consolation170.0000